Breaking Down The Refurbishment Process

What's Meant By Refurbishment?

Refurbishment means to restore the freshness or appearance of something, when this comes to classroom design and classroom refurbishment it can be interpreted and broken down into various sections depending on why a refurb project is needed.

Sometimes the extent of change needs to be emphasised, and so ‘radical refurbishment’ may describe extensive improvements that dramatically improve the quality of the building but don’t necessarily change its essential character or use. However it is important to make sure that everyone connected with the refurbishment project has a common understanding of what is being proposed and needs to be carried out.

Classroom refurbishments can be needed for a variety of reasons:

  • Refresh means working with already there, changing aspects such as decor or lighting
  • Repair is to change or replace a room of section that's broken and can’t be fixed
  • Remodel is a comprehensive refit of a whole classroom or building giving it a new image

Who Needs To Be Involved?

A good refurbishment project will be based on thorough and well-led consultation. The school needs to tap the potential of the people within the school without wasting their time or raising expectations that cannot be fulfilled. The headteacher and senior management team need to commit to communicating the objectives of the project and listening to people’s views.

People who may need to be involved with refurbishment:

  • Architect
  • Environmental engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Acoustic consultant
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Builders
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Other specialist advisors

Choosing a specialist classroom refurbishment company will ease the hassle of arranging these, they will either contract and arrange them on your behalf or may use their own in house team of specialists.

What's Involved In The Refurbishment Process?

  1. Consultation
  2. Design
  3. Choosing furniture and equipment
  4. Clearance
  5. Fit Out
  6. Completion

When you choose to undergo a classroom refurbishment a design specialist will work with you to come up with a design that meets the requirements the space is needed for listing what needs to be changed or kept and the potential cost involved in the process, depending on the type of the refurbishment you go for. This allows both the learning provider and the design and refurbishment company to gain a better understanding of the project.

The design team will then work with you to come up with an actual design that meets the needs of the room and the budget you have, working with you throughout the process to ensure your classroom is designed to the right specifications to avoid unnecessary extra costs. As part of the design process you will be offered a selection of new classroom furniture, it’s important to choose furniture that matches the design but also functions the right way and for the purpose it was intended for.

If a classroom refurbishment company is chosen they will contract a team of professionals to carry out the refurbishment or use their own in house team, they will then carry out a clearance of the existing classroom; during this process you may wish to keep certain items and transfer them to other departments or classrooms. The team would then carry out a full classroom fit out following the design plan, continually working with you to carry out inspections to ensure the classroom design is being carried out correctly.

Once you classroom refurbishment is complete the team will showcase your new classroom to you, to ensure it is correct and that all furniture and equipment is positioned and installed correctly.

Principles For A Successful Classroom Refurbishment Process

There are many different ways to carry out classroom refurbishment projects, but to ensure a successful one it’s important to make sure you:

  • A clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in the refurbishment process
  • Develop and design a clear plan outlining timescales and make sure it’s used effectively
  • Check out other successful classroom refurbishment projects and follow their lead to work out the best way to plan your own
  • Ensure everyone understand the timescale, the scope of the project and any restrictions that may be involved in it
  • If possible incorporate environmentally friendly aspects into the design
  • Ensure any permissions are in place before carrying out the project
  • Manage costs creatively and effectively
  • Commit to sustainability
  • Employ a good classroom refurbishment company to carry out the designs and manage the project on your behalf
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