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CCTV And On-Screen Filming

School and College CCTV requires a balance between cost and performance. Often with large numbers of access points, greater distances than residential or commercial installations, and a mix of internal and external points, educational CCTV has a broad challenge. CCTV must also handle varying tasks from intruders and theft to unauthorised departure and student misbehaviour, which may all require different technologies to satisfactorily video and record.

Camera types range from unenclosed and wireless to bullet and secure dome. Recording equipment and software must work within a cost and bandwidth restriction. CCTV has many options and sometimes competing choices. Fusion guide you through the selection process. Our knowledge of manufacturers, systems, and our ability to integrate existing infrastructure can reduce costs whilst providing a system fit for purpose.

Particular CCTV features are valuable within an education environment. The Region of Interest feature achieves a good definition for one or two areas within an overall scene allowing much greater image quality whilst still keeping bandwidth and data storage reduced. Cross detection has been called the silent security guard. Adding a point or barrier line to the CCTV recognition system allows an automatic alert to be triggered if the line is crossed, ideal for intruder detection or for students leaving the premises without authorisation.

cctv region of interest 1 cross detection line

CCTV can be enhanced using the latest camera technology. Motorised focus and zoom provides controllable camera views. Corridor mode alters the camera image format to work for portrait scenes such as corridors and stairways, whilst HD resolution overcomes the historic problems of grainy images and poor contrast in variable lighting conditions. All these elements are now standard features within cost effective systems.

cctv corridor mode hd cctv

On-Screen Filming

Using similar camera technology to CCTV, live video and playback of teaching is an effective way to show demonstrations to the whole class without the problems of gathering and crowding. Too often a demonstration results in the back row being unable to see, meaning teachers have to repeat or simply lose the attention of students altogether.

On-screen filming is a simple hardware installation of camera and display screen(s) together with the closed-circuit broadcast unit. Recording to computer or DVR unit can be added to save the demonstration for future replay. The technology is cost-effective, and the effect on learning, classroom behaviour and teaching focus is worthwhile. Since integrated sound is rarely required the system has none of the sophistication of true broadcast TV, meaning costs are low and maintenance is minimal.

simultaneous teaching video playback

Fusion deploy technology for the advantage of teachers and students. We install systems which offer advantages, not simply adding tech for its own sake.

school cctv services 

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