Classroom Connectivity

Classroom Connectivity

Networked Room Controller

A networked room controller is a low-profile, low-cost, programming-free control system that can be configured, controlled, and monitored via a friendly Web interface. It provides relay, IR, RS-232, and general purpose sense ports. Control may be extended with simple AV control pad peripherals as a front-end button interface.

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Wireless Mesh Networks

A range of indoor and outdoor blanket Wi-Fi distribution systems available so that you can cover areas requiring reliable Wi-Fi. MESH technology provides reliable wide area wireless networks without wired installation. Latest technologies let the MESH network constantly adjust itself to the best condition and performance.   

Configuring the MESH system is via a web based interface that has one page to configure all of the Mesh radios in the system.  Simply add the MESH radios and the system will auto search and establish connections between themselves. With this advanced technology you can let the MESH network self-adjust and establish networks according to change in interference and weather conditions. A Mesh network will improve the uptime and performance of your WISP (wireless internet service provider), CCTV or Mobile network. It includes data encryption to ensure the network is secure from external intrusion.

Secure Wireless CCTV 

Wireless CCTV solutions can offer massive savings over cabled systems and are very simple to use and install.

Our system will work seamlessly with video codecs. Different companies and customers favour different codecs, You choose the codec and we will provide the wireless transportation and infrastructure.

Also, if your camera or monitor moves, so can your wireless, making it the choice for rapidly deployable systems.

  • Full Wireless Installation/Commissioning service – No hassle
  • Fully Secured – Safe from intruders
  • Cameras can be placed virtually anywhere - and then moved
  • Access images from a computer, projector or standard monitor
  • Onvif Video codecs supported
  • Many Video streams can be transmitted over one radio link with audio, relay alarms signals and PTZ controls operational

The Purpose Of Connectivity

Fusion understands that teaching and learning must include technology that is embedded in school environments to support staff and students. Positive evidence shows that technology has an important role to play in accessing and accelerating learning.


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