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Energy Monitoring And Saving

Energy overheads can be a significant factor in the costs of operating your premises.

At a time when energy costs are high and environmental concerns regarding global warming are putting pressure on commercial and public sector organizations alike to reduce CO2 emissions, intelligent monitoring products to enable organizations to identify exactly how, where, and when power is being consumed are financially worthwhile.

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"if you can measure it, you can manage it".

One of the issues with current energy monitoring systems e.g. (smart meters) is that they typically only provide information relating to the total aggregated energy consumption within a building. They are rarely able to drill down to individual application levels, e.g. equipment & appliances, therefore limiting management knowledge and decision making ability regarding where, when and how electricity is being consumed on the premises.

Energy inefficiencies will cost any organization – large or small – significant sums of money

These energy inefficiencies are a sponge. Energy costs soak up money that could be better spent elsewhere.

With edd (electrical device data) there is a simple and highly effective way to measure and monitor energy use. edd will enable you to run your business with much greater efficiency by providing you with the decision making tools to:

  • Identify where, when & how energy is being consumed on site
  • Identify unusual, unexpected or above average levels of consumption
  • Generate cost improvements and reduce your environmental impact
  • Benefit from electricity savings
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
Customers are able to measure their energy consumption in many different ways:
  • overall power
  • by type of consumption e.g. lighting, air conditioning
  • by location e.g. entire building, first floor, individual room
  • time of day, weekday, weekend
  • Information detail available at individual circuit level.
Energy saving lighting controls 

Lighting controls offer a proven route to energy savings. Applying controls to new installations or to compatible existing luminaires is equally possible and the cost savings can be reliably calculated.

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school energy saving

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