Flexible Classroom Design

Flexible Classroom Design

Flexible classroom design falls into two formats - dual use and reconfigurable 

A classroom with a primary purpose can also be dual use. Examples are rooms where hardware such as ICT or sewing machines can be hidden inside furniture allowing the worksurfaces to be used as ordinary desks. This is a great way to add flexibility into timetabling of room use. Dual use set up is also perfect for rooms used for conferences and events outside of term time. Adaptable furniture is one of the ways to achieve dual use layouts.

A second type of flexible classroom is one in which layout or configuration can be adapted to best suite the teaching style and lesson plan. These spaces may have sliding folding divisions, easily moved furniture which may fold and nest for clear rooms, or furniture that combines to make group or whole class layouts.

Flexible teaching and learning spaces require careful consideration of alternate viewing angles, positioning of AV and supporting elements such as whiteboards. A holistic planning and design service is very beneficial when creating flexible areas. Extra time spent on planning and design to capture all possible layouts will ensure the finished room has as many of the potential layouts formatted as possible.

Integrated AV controls matched to layout configurations can make flexible teaching configurations easy and quick to set up, with pre-configured hardware arrangements on a single button.

Classrooms of the Future

Designs for classrooms of the future often try to take a prescriptive stance with futuristic interior design which may not be achievable with most existing buildings. More likely in the foreseeable future is the need to adapt classrooms as new technology and evolving teaching methods arrive. Flexible classroom design is the perfect way to prepare school premises for the future.

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