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Interactive And Flat Screen Displays

With so many brands of flat screens available, offering many levels of specification and functionality, good advice is a must. Fusion understand the competing demands of budget and operation and will give advice on performance, functions, energy saving and future-proofing. Good quality display screens can greatly enhance learning and teaching. Knowing which display will offer the right solution for classroom environments isn't just a matter of screen size, touch-screen capability and connections.

Commercial screens have much greater resilience to burn-in, a longer lifespan and reliability. Interactive boards are available from many manufacturers and new developments are released every month. Fusion have the experience to evaluate products and the OEM support behind them.

As well as classroom displays, screens have a role for other areas within educational settings. Signage displays provide common area info / communication and log-in options. Flat screens in study areas are a good way to get students to engage in reference and collaboration.

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