Classroom Wireless Technology

Wireless Enabled Classrooms

Wireless infrastructure

As new technology for learning is adopted within the classroom, ensuring that the wireless networks allowing these devices to communicate are properly designed and configured becomes ever more important.  At Fusion Office Design we are able to offer aid to existing IT departments in the design, installation, configuration and upgrading of this ubiquitous wireless infrastructure, as well as the copper and fibre networks to which the WIFI is connected.

Where IT budgets may be constrained, we offer a range of enterprise wireless solutions which offer the benefits of traditional controller based enterprise WIFI, but at a fraction of the cost.  Students and staff are able to roam throughout the school premises, between buildings and in outdoor areas and open spaces, without disconnecting from the school network. 


Wireless display technology

The rapid increase in wireless display technologies brings a whole suite of options for connection to AV equipment within the classroom and remove the need for the traditional single hard-wired connection from projector to laptop.  This allows a much greater freedom of movement when teaching, more flexible room configuration, and can allow student's to share their work upon centralised screens.

wireless visualiser for schools

Wireless visualisers give teachers the ability to bring the Visualiser right to the students to encourage student-to-student interaction in group learning scenarios or spontaneously turn students' work into the lesson’s focus. They can equally benefit teaching when a step by step demonstration can be captured and transmitted, avoiding repetition or interrupted lines of sight.  When Users ask for tech that just works...these systems are what they had in mind.

Wireless control

In addition to, or as a replacement for, traditional hard wired control systems - where there is a need to control or automate any aspect of a classroom, lecture hall or multi- use learning space Fusion office design offer a wide range of wireless control options, including allowing control from existing iPhone, iPad, android or laptop.  

classroom AV controls

Alternatively use a simplified controller that fits in a standard single-gang back box. The modular button design allows users flexibility in configuring the panel to match their needs. This design not only provides a professional looking control system, but allows you to eliminate any buttons that may complicate the AV controls. 

AV controller 

Controllers offers intuitive control of virtually any display system with a remote control, be it a video projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. Controls power, volume, and switches between up to 8 inputs. The unit is a perfect fit for AV installations with transient users. It eliminates the confusion caused by wandering remotes, dead batteries, and complex projector control interfaces. An untrained user can use the system to control any display device with confidence and ease.

Keypads can be configured to only allow user control after a security code has been entered. This security code is a sequence of button presses that you can configure to be any combination of keys.

wireless classrooms

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