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Redesigning Classrooms

School classroom redesign can enhance student learning and teaching effectiveness. Designing a good teaching and learning space should be a sum or more than just flooring, walls, furniture and AV. Educational buildings should support the vision of a school and adapt to fast-changing technology. Good design considers lighting, acoustics, safety and incorporates new ways or learning. The advantage of a single design and supply solution is to gather all the ideas and objectives, bring them together in one design scheme, and deliver products, services and interiors to achieve the finished project without compromise.

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Classroom Design Services

With challenging space standards and demands for the Refresh, Refurbish and Reuse approach, classroom design is vital to achieving the best use of educational space. Careful spatial analysis will identify efficiencies in overall layout and opportunities for new productive spaces. Fusion are experts in college classroom design and school classroom design.

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Understanding acoustics and lighting is important for classroom redesign. Increased attention and concentration, and decreased distraction, can be enhanced through the use of good lighting design and careful attention to the sound energy in a room. Reducing a teachers time spent on set-up can enhance control and engagement. Posture, temperature and colour all contribute to a vibrant space that is also comfortable, balanced and effective for learning and teaching. Interior finishes are selected to work in harmony with the purpose of a space, supporting the learning process and hardware installations. Furniture is integral to our design solutions as is technology, and neither are simply selected from manufacturer's catalogues but carefully considered as part of the single design vision we apply.

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Integrating technology into the design process will get the most out of hardware. Matching furniture, finishes and tech delivers a sum greater than the parts. Combining technology and school classroom design is the ideal way to connect the curriculum and the building, helping classrooms support students and teachers. 

Fusion are conscious of environmental impact and use manufacturers who lead the way with cradle to cradle products, who use renewables where possible, minimize waste and landfill, and natural materials as a preference.

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