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classroom refurb budget

Classroom Refurbishment Costs | School Refurbishment Costs

Fusion school refurbishment contractors publish detailed classroom refurb cost information to assist in budgeting and estimating the likely cost of refurb works. 

classroom refurb costs

Download a spreadsheet of Classroom Refurbishment Costs containing a detailed breakdown of costs per room for a regular classroom refurbishment, a science lab, ICT room and school/college reception and offices. School Refurbishment Costs are broken down by trades and products allowing a customised budget to be developed or to give detailed information for budgeting and cost benchmarking. Figures are based on completed projects giving accurate cost data.

Click here to receive the classroom refurbishment costs spreadsheet. 

classroom refurbishment budget

Our school Refurbishment Costs spreadsheet is aimed at the 'light refurbishment' or 'makeover' project, where the basic fabric of a building (roof, walls, windows) is sound, and the works are targeted on improving the educational environment rather than fixing underlying buildings defects. Our experience as both designers and school refurbishment contractors ensure the spreadsheet is comprehensive.

Classroom refurbishment costs can be stated as a percentage of an overall spend if a fixed amount of money is available and needs to be allocated to spend areas. This route to budget allocation may be useful when evaluating individual quotes/costs against an overall budget. Cost allocation can be customised to increase the spend on one or two elements so long as there are corresponding reductions in the remainder. This allocation technique helps to keep control of the overall classroom refurbishment capex. 

Allocated Costs School Refurbishment Budgeting

allocating a classroom refurbishment budget
1 Strip Out, Demolitions & Disposal 4%
2 Building Works 9%
3 Doors & Windows 3%
4 Wall and Ceiling finishes 5%
5 Blinds  2%
6 Lighting 8%
7 Electrical 4%
8 Safety 3%
9 Flooring 8%
10 FF&E 20%
11 AV 14%
12 Project Management, H&S, Design, Purchasing & Specification 12%
13 Fitting & Install Charges 3%
14 Miscellaneous (eg acoustics, signage) & Contingency 5%

Percentage figures in the Allocated Costs model will vary significantly from project to project. The numbers set out above are provided as an example and are not meant to be hard and fast values for every scheme. For advice on allocated costs budgeting for your particular project get in touch and we'll give you advice and cost guidance which reflects the style of building you have.

An item not included in the Cost spreadsheet or in the allocation model is energy performance for a building or zone. As this work doesn't impact the educational performance its considered to be part of any expenditure on the 'fabric' of a building. However when considering any school refurbishment project thought should be given to allocating money to energy performance improvements if the building could be enhanced easily, and with a cost-saving that will exceed the capex costs. Reputable school refurbishment companies are happy to share cost information and advise on ways to make a budget go furthest, and here at Fusion we like to think we lead the way.

classroom refurb costs information

Fixed Refurbishment Cost Model

With careful surveying of existing buildings, a single design and build model with integrated furniture and technology, our approach is an effective route to a fixed-cost contract for school refurbishment and college refurbishment projects. Inherent to our service is guaranteed completion to deadline dates. Fixed cost, firm completion dates and ingenuity in design is the service offered by Fusion Classroom Design.

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