School and Classroom Design Services

Library Design

The target for library design is a multi-use study, reference and learning space zone which provides a valuable resource for students and staff.

ICT Suite Design

ICT suite
Designing an ICT Classroom entails careful layout planning and use of space, incorporation of power and hardware, within a compact furniture footprint.

Flexible Learning

Flexible design
Flexible classrooms are beneficial for conducive learning layouts, curriculum flexibility and to adapt over time as subjects evolve.

Classroom Redesign

The sum of its parts including Acoustics, layout planning, teacher focus, lighting design and furniture, all combining to create progressive learning spaces.

Lab Design

Integrating purpose-designed furniture with services, layout design and specialist hardware together form the basis for good lab design.

Design Visuals

Design Visuals
Completed school and college refurbishment projects with examples of refurbished classrooms, ICT rooms, activity classrooms and school admin offices.
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