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Flexible Classroom Design 

Flexible learning is the term used for flexible classroom design and teaching spaces that are adaptable, aimed at improving educational performance through a better fit for a lesson, teaching style or group size. New ways of learning can involve software and clever IT, but also smarter buildings with flexibility to create the best space for effective learning.

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Two Mile Ash school use the Fusion sliding whiteboard system to make the classroom more flexible. Whiteboards that work in front of windows or solid walls, that slide to where the teacher wants them positioned, and allow whiteboards to be hidden or brought front-and-centre, give much greater flexibility to a learning environment. 

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Whiteboards can also be used to sub-divide a space when classes break into groups. Lightweight dividers are an instant way to limit distraction and provide a focus for teaching, without any set up time.

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Dedicated classroom set-ups are inherently inflexible. The ability to timetable subjects without the drag of a single-use room can be a great help in maximising usage of buildings. ICT suites are a good example of dedicated spaces that can have flexible and adaptable uses if designed from the outset to be multi-purpose. Fold-away desks are a great starting point for flexible classrooms.

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Computer hardware isn't the only type of equipment which can be presented in a flexible way. Classrooms can be fitted with rise and fall desks for other equipment, helping them to be flexible.

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Furniture is a very helpful path to achieving flexibility in learning spaces. Nesting, stacking and folding furniture minimise the time and effort needed to change a layout, either to a better format or to clear away completely.

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Using adaptable furniture is a great way to allow term-time classrooms to become event and conference spaces outside of normal teaching periods. Increasingly schools and colleges add revenue by attracting conference users and adaptable furniture supports the dual role.

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