Interactive Classroom Technology

Interactive Technology

Retro fit hardware can turn your dry erase whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard and convert already acquired equipment into an engaging interactive environment. Attach the system to any flat surface, connect it to a computer, connect the computer to a projector, a quick set-up routine and you are ready to start teaching with a fully functioning IWB.

interactive whiteboard conversion

Interactive Projector

Short Throw projectors with interactive technology provides high performance projection in small spaces. By integrating software with advanced projector technology, projection can deliver the complete interactive experience on any flat surface. The compact, lightweight chassis makes this projector easy to install and flexible to use. With the bundled wall-mount and optional table top kit you can project onto any existing whiteboard, wall or tabletop. Used in conjunction with an ultra durable dry-wipe board the life expectancy and superb erase quality gives a cost effective and long lasting solution.

interactive projector and tablet

The Wireless Pen Tablet gives you interactive functions such as the ability to write or draw over images from a compatible projector. You do not need to install computer software so setup is quick and easy.

wireless visualiser

Visualisers and tablet cameras

Standalone wireless visualisers present teachers and students with a number of new ways to bring everyday lessons to life. Wireless visualisers give teachers the ability to bring the Visualiser right to the students to encourage student-to-student interaction in group learning scenarios or spontaneously turn students' work into the lesson’s focus. With dual input capability and a 15 metre wireless range, a wireless visualiser has the coverage for most classrooms.

Video capture and streaming solution for tablets, allowing teachers to stream, present, annotate, record and share live images via an iPad, Android/Windows® 8 tablet, or PC/Mac

school interactive displays 

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