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Fire Safety, Visitor ID, Special Needs

Voice evacuation systems offer a more intelligent solution to educational fire safety. Simple alarm systems are a one-size fits all approach, evacuating all buildings entirely. Voice evac systems offer partial evacuation or controlled phasing so that sectional evacuation can be implemented. The advantage to safe movement is clear, and the scope to add a greater level of control can be valuable for both safety and supervision. Voice systems have the added functionality of PA address.

school voice evac system

Visitor ID systems can be specified to offer levels of registration and access control. Simple ID systems record and identify visitors, whilst access control can be linked to door locking, entry logging and zone controls.  

school ID system

SEN requirements including hearing loops are addressed using easily incorporated technology.  

school hearing loop

An induction loop is a cable that goes around the listening area. A current from a loop amplifier powers the cable. The amplifier gets its signal from a direct connection with another sound source. This can be, for example, a microphone placed in front of the person speaking or connection to an existing multi-media system ( PA system, laptop, DVD etc ). The resulting electric current in the Induction loop produces a magnetic field that matches the sound. You can then pick up this magnetic field if you are sitting within the area of the Induction loop and your hearing aid - or Induction loop listening aid - is switched to the 'T’ - telecoil setting. You can adjust your own hearing aid for volume in the usual way. 

school health and safety technology 

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