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School and college libraries are a true multi-purpose study, reference and group collaboration space. Modern School Library design is a mix of multiple media types, from books and periodicals to web based sources, and ideally need to have flair and creativity to be an attractive and welcoming area.

School Library and Study Area

Designing Libraries

Designing school and college libraries has become more complex over recent years with the introduction of shared services, e-books, and multi-use spaces, so the objectives for designing a library space are much broader. A successful outcome for any library design starts with detailed planning and consultation. We have experience when it comes to primary and high school library design, as well as library interior design, with a number of case studies that showcase our work.

Shared Use or Focused Reading and Research Space

Design schemes for school library zones are often fortunate to be at the heart of school and college culture and thinking. Putting a study and reference space front and centre can be a great catalyst for revitalising an educational building, taking focus away from the serried classrooms and onto shared use spaces that are good at creating identity and shared ethos. Library design can also be an emblem for the open school culture, with visibility and connection replacing enclosure.

Libraries increasingly overlap with technology, and our combined service covering Tech, FF&E and design is very well placed to deliver inspiring, practical and popular reference and study areas and create a vibrant school library design.

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Take Pride in the Design of your New School Library with Fusion.

Library design should be a fun process and we hope to make it an enjoyable experience for all involved. We will work together to ensure we create the most effective learning environment, tailored around the needs of pupils and teachers.

Creating an Effective Learning Environment

School library design needs to consider many important factors, including; space, budgetary requirements, technology, furniture, storage, architecture, signage, themes, privacy, layouts, lighting and partitions. A combination of the many different aspects will help to create an effective learning environment.

School library design is similar to any normal library design, although the need to create an effective learning environment is far greater, especially when a large number of students have to be catered for.

As we mentioned previously, there are many things that need to be considered to ensure the learning environment is as effective as it can be. The design of the library is where it all starts.

Our Library Design Service: How it Works

Planning and Preparation - Working closely with you, we will gather all ideas to find out what you want to achieve. Whether you require charging points, reading corners, writing areas, ICT benching, displays or partitioning, all aspects of the design will be discussed at this point.

Concept Creation - As we look to start planning how your library will look once it is finished, we will create one or several design concepts so you can visualise how it will look.

Planning the Library Fit Out - Once you have viewed the design concept(s), we will make any necessary edits or adjustments until you are happy. Only once you are happy with the design will we start making arrangements for your new school library to be fitted/installed.

Project Management

Fusion will fully manage the project from start to finish, keeping you in the loop at all times. We will look to ensure downtime is kept to a minimum, following the guidelines set out in the design. Before we start, we will provide you with an estimation for how long we feel the project will take.

We work alongside trusted contractors to ensure your library is finished to the standard your school, pupils and everyone within, deserves.

If you are looking for library design experts, specialising in the design of libraries for schools and colleges, Fusion Classroom Design can help you moving forward. We can tackle any project, small or large, with experience from designing libraries for primary schools, secondary schools and colleges.

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