School Security & Alarms

School Security And Alarms

Offering phased evacuation control can be a beneficial and worthwhile system to adopt. Partial evac is ideal for multi-building sites or premises with several wings where an all-or-nothing system can cause unnecessary disruption or evacuation that is difficult to safely control and supervise. The added function of voice PA is integral to these systems. 

Automatic phased evacuation that’s individually tailored to your building can be programmed based on logic and digital signal processing, which permit the simultaneous transmission of different signals and announcements to different parts of the building.

People in the immediate danger zone are instructed to leave the building first, following the signed escape routes. The adjacent zones are then gradually evacuated until all occupants from the endangered areas are safe. That prevents escape routes from becoming overcrowded, which – in combination with informative announcements – prevents panic.

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Intrusion detection systems 

Intruder detection systems are an integral element in your security management system. Security performance enhancements and cost savings can be achieved by combining intrusion alarm systems together with video surveillance and access control. Remote monitoring can make any intruder alert system significantly less demanding when activated.

Protecting people and assets – safety through early detection

With integrated security management solutions you are able to simplify security management and handle false or true detection alerts more effectively.

Intrusion detection systems together with video surveillance and access control should ideally be designed, developed, produced, installed, and serviced by one company; and then monitored by one central management station. With all of this from one supplier, you can look forward to maximum benefits and convenience.


  • Full integration of our intrusion detection systems with our security management station 

  • Alarm systems provide early detection of potential burglars

  • Immediate alerting to a central management station

  • Panic alarm function

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