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Summer school classroom refurbishment works at St Michaels covered a number of large classrooms, an ICT suite refurb, and works to staff WCs, all completed before the start of term deadline.

The architecture of the building reflects its era, and the school classroom design is aimed to rationalise the space, making it seem much more contemporary inside. Classroom furniture is laid out with a similarly clean and ordered approach reinforcing the architectural qualities of the school refurbishment concept. The impression created is one of order and purpose.

Using a coordinated design scheme for any school refurbishment is a tremendous help in de-cluttering, giving focus to the room. Classrooms regularly become adorned with visual elements that compete for attention. Taking a room back to a simpler appearance really helps to support teaching and learning. The skill in re-designing a classroom or any educational space is to ensure the room doesn't end up as clinical, or flat and devoid of qualities. Although this classroom refurbishment is a monochrome palette the proportions of the room, and complimentary linear fittings, form a contemporary tone which has presence. 

Cool modern classroom lighting has been added to balance the lighting intensity. Ultra slim fittings project light in a very wide arc with almost no occlusion. With the challenge of low ceiling heights these fittings use uplighting and direct illumination making the spaces seem heightened and eliminating dark spots. Research has shown that even, effective, lighting can improve the performance of students within a classroom space.

Seamless white decoration takes the eye away from surface mounted services wherever possible. Cool grey furniture and tonal blinds complete the design palette for an elegant timeless effect that updates the 70s building. The school refurbishment works incorporated every trade as well as the supply of FF&E, coordinated to meet a defined program of works and completing on the agreed handover date. School refurbishment companies with integrated design, FF&E and classroom tech offer fast, unified and affordable school refurbishment.

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