System Integration for Schools

System Integration

New And Old

Fusion offer a system integration service to make full use of existing hardware, adding controls and system hardware to upgrade standalone or simple functionality equipment into more sophisticated solutions. Availability of cost effective 'middleware' and intermediary devices allows installed audio visual devices to achieve up to date performance which they previously couldn't offer.
school systems integration

System integration is based on an understanding of the 'language' used by a device and how to convert it into a common format, the algebra of hardware. As Fusion work with a very broad range of suppliers and technologies we have the skills and experience to match output/input formats, add converters and controllers, creating new and upgraded medias without the start-from-scratch financial investment. Retaining and re-using hardware makes the upfront capex much lower, enabling schools and colleges to obtain updated technology more comfortably, and continuing to harvest the value from previous investments.

Strategic Overview

A holistic view of new and existing investment is a valuable exercise. Ad hoc purchases of new systems and equipment can be enhanced by evaluation of opportunities to link and combine operations. Fusion understand these opportunities, and put them into the context of teaching and learning outcomes, not just as standalone installations. Suggesting improvements and new functions that may already be present but not accessed can be a very worthwhile, and very low cost, possibility. Most hardware has unused potential and our strategic insight can make use of this for current and future enhancements.

Value For Money

Value for money and getting more for less is critical when considering AV and tech investment in general. Fusion use readily available solutions rather than reinventing the wheel. We won't throw out existing and starting from scratch if existing tech hardware has value. 

System Communication

Integrating systems offers scope to simplify and automate tasks which might currently be manual or semi-manual, relieving staff from the time consuming elements of daily routines. If your school or college has investment in standalone tech Fusion are happy to review the functionality and suggest upgrades based purely on the integration and communication possibilities. The outcome could be improved information, automated tasks or new functions that weren't previously available. 

school systems communications

Combining our technical strategy review with the design of future flexibility in classrooms and education premises also leverages potential within the built environment. This is the point of difference with Fusion Classroom Design - joined-up thinking and possibilities for improvement.

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