Two Mile Ash School

New Teaching Space at Two Mile Ash School

Two Mile Ash School added a new teaching space that was defined by a large number of windows to maximise internal light. The challenge was to provide sufficient whiteboard space for tuition, without compromising the audio visual installation and other demands for solid wall space. Our clever sliding whiteboard system gives teachers scope to position boards as the focus of lessons when required, with the capability to move them aside easily when other teaching styles are used.

Horizontal sliding whiteboards

Horizontal sliding whiteboard systems are a great way to overcome the limitations of walls that have part solid and part glass windows. The track system allows a teaching wall format where the whiteboards can overlap, slide along the entire wall, and to have multiple boards that can be moved to a central focal point. As the system works in front of windows and solid walls it is the perfect solution to the architectural design of the classroom. Our system has options for chalkboard, semi-transparent dry-wipe, and solid magnetic whiteboards. Pin boards are also available. Tracks can be single, double, triple, or in combination and the boards can 'park' in one stack when not required.

As the system uses the base track to support the weight, there's minimal impact on the ceiling and no need to install any weight-supporting structure above the ceiling, no need to cut the ceiling surface, and it can be fitted during the original fit-out or as a retro-fit at any time. 

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