What To Consider When Designing a Classroom

Classrooms are the place where most students and teachers will spend the majority of the year, whether you're a school or college have a classroom that’s set up and designed correctly. Having a classroom design that’s functional, creative and engaging will not only look great but it can improve the quality of learning students receive and how much students intake when learning.

The Future Of Classroom Design

In the past it’s always been fine to have rows of desks and a bland classroom for students to learn in but with growing and advancing technology learning for students is becoming more demanding and that’s why having a classroom design that’s engaging and incorporates the latest technology is important to improve student learning.

Looking at a classroom that’s full of furniture of is focused around desks and chairs is now just looked at as clutter, if you're trying to create a new learning space for students then the best thing to do is simply rip everything out and start over. Starting a fresh allows you to best assess the space you have available and what you really need in the classroom, this in turn let’s you choose more function and diverse classroom furniture to create a more suitable, flexible and engaging learning environment.

Having a space where students can not only learn but where they can interact with technology and other students more easily will help to increase the amount they learn and promote learning in a more positive light.

Tips For Creating A More Effect Learning Environment

Space For The Teacher

The most important part of any good classroom design is space for the teacher. Having a space that’s separate from students and provides a teacher with their own personal space as well as place where they can teach from, gives them access to a more flexible learning space. As well as being a place where they can work, plan and reflect it must still integrate into the overall classroom design to provide a better flowing learning environment; simply having a desk that’s on an angle or that’s placed sideways can create an environment that’s more free flowing and allows students to learn more effectively.

A Group Or Meeting Space

When it comes to a new classroom design, having a large space included or a space that’s designed to be flexible and change into a space that can be made larger easier is important. Having a place where students can gather makes it easier for them to take instructions, by removing them away from their desks and placing them in an environment with a large group space means they’re away from any distractions. If it’s a separate space in the classroom then designating it by a rug or mat makes it a defined zone, if your school only has small scale classrooms then consider classroom furniture such as easy movable chairs and tables, and tables that can be folded, so gorup spaces can be easily created.


The vastly growing technology sector isn’t just for the home environment anymore, more schools and college are deciding to take advantage of it. Investing in high quality classroom furniture and furniture that makes the more of the technology and innovative products available then it will help to create a better learning environment. Younger people live in the digital world, so it’s important us it to our advantage in schools and college classroom spaces. Using projectors and whiteboards can engage students better than the traditional textbook, having tables that fold out into computer or laptop desks allows students to have the benefits of easy access to the web and online resources without the need for a separate classroom or them leaving the room to access a computer system.


In schools and colleges, there's nothing more cluttered and messy than a classroom. When it comes to classroom design and classroom refurbishments, thinking about what you need in your classroom will help you when it comes to choosing classroom furniture as you’ll be able to think about pieces that incorporate storage. Investing in furniture that maximises storage space, allows for less clutter on desks and reduces the necessity for needing lots of shelves or cupboards. Larger items such as art equipment or textile equipment may need separate storage space, but for smaller scale items like textbooks utilising teacher walls and desks can provide a great storage solution by utilising space that's usually empty.

Student Work Space

Whether you choose group space, standing areas or desks it’s important to think about the space students need for learning, such as:

    • Comfortable tables and chairs
    • Desks that utilise storage space
    • Using sofas or group seating areas
    • High desks for students who like to stand with the option of stools
    • Desks and space incorporating technology
    • Private space desks in separate area or that have divides
    • Pillows, rugs or throws, some students find it easier to learn sitting on the floor

Help With Designing

Designing can be difficult and daunting, because classroom fit outs can be expensive getting it right the first time is important, by using a classroom refurbishment company can help to make the process smoother and more hassle free. They will work with you from choosing the right type of colours for classrooms, to the technology you choose and the classroom furniture you choose. Classroom design done right helps schools and colleges create more effective learning environments.

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